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Here are the best and most popular clone scripts out there!

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Just in case you didn’t already know this, there are so many ways to improve the way your blog or website looks and that is through clone scripts! They basically take all the good stuff from the websites you love and replicate these awesome features you like in your blog or website! Cool right? Now, I want to show you which ones are the best clones scripts out there so that you can be up to date when it comes to the appearance of your blog and/or website.

Facebook clone script

Facebook is a very user friendly social platform and shall we say very, very popular? This is pretty obvious, so think about it, how awesome is to replicate the best features Facebook can offer in your website? Imagine feeling like you are actually using Facebook, only thing is, you are not!

Twitter Clone Script

Twitter is a very awesome well- organized social media platform so it would be awesome to customize your website and have a script that clones all the cool tools available in twitter. If microblogging is your type of thing, then this is the perfect clone script for you. An on top of that, like I just mentioned, you will have a very organized view of your blog. Some of the features that you will find very convenient are that you are replicating a very easy to use control panel and private message system among other features.

Pinterest clone script

I just love Pinterest and everything that has to do with it! So it is pretty expected that a lot of people that also love Pinterest, will want to have a clone script of it! DUH! We all know some of the features that Pinterest has is that it is an awesome pin-board style type of social media and you make your blog or website look just as cute as Pinterest using a clone script.

Tumblr Clone script

This type of clone script has all the minimalistic features that Tumblr has to offer. Also, a tumblr script is kind of similar to twitter when it comes to that microblogging feel you want to clone in your website and/or blog.

There are so many more social media platforms that are available for cloning out there! These are just a few of the most popular ones.


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