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Here are the best make up options when it comes to covering up that awful tattoo you got!

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Getting tattoos can be pretty awesome but you need to be aware of the fact that you have going to have something permanently drawn on your body and you need to really consider what you are going to tattoo on yourself. But if you already made the horrible mistake of getting a very crappy tattoo you have two options. Either you can get laser removal which honestly some people can’t stand because according to some it is kind of painful, or you can temporarily cover them with makeup. In this article I want to show you all the makeup options you have to cover up that eternal mistake.

When it comes to covering blemishes and mistakes it is not only limited to your face


There is a brand called Dermablend that works wonders when it comes to covering up stuff on your body. This liquid foundation is a perfect option and it also comes in different shades so that you can choose the right color that blends in.

Kat von D not only offers the best tattoos, she also offers the best options when it comes to covering those tattoo mistakes. She has a line of makeup and one of the makeup choices she offers is a Kat von D lock-it concealer. I know it is annoying to have to cover all those awful tattoos with a concealer but since you already made the mistake of getting an awful tattoo, then this is a great temporary option when it comes to covering up your tattoo. I think that the best part about this concealer is that it is oil free.

Make up for ever has a cream that will literally turn your skin into the most beautiful skin ever!

This literally works as a camouflage that covers up all your awful tattoos and this one is also pretty awesome since it is an oil free concealer. I don’t know about you but, I hate having that oily feeling all over my skin so I think this is a perfect concealer to avoid that.

Now as you can see, there are no excuses when it comes to covering up your tattoos. If you happen to want a more permanent option to remove your tattoo mistakes then you can resort to laser tattoo removal and if you happen to live in Hong Kong and are looking for Laser tattoo removal in Hong Kong then I definitely recommend you check out Skin Lab. They are specialist in tattoo removal which means there is an option for you in Hong Kong when it comes to getting rid of that awful mistake.


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