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Here are the tools you should be giving to your significant other on Christmas if they are obsessed with tools!

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Christmas is a time to celebrate all the blessing God has sent our way but for some people, it also represents a very stressful time of the year since it is gift buying season. Like many people, some tend to leave every task for the last minute and have to run around all the malls available to find the perfect gift for their significant other. Now, I’m guessing that if you are reading this article, it means probably forgot to get ahead on your Christmas shopping so, I’m going to make that task a whole lot easier if you are looking for tools to give your significant other.

Does your significant other like to wreck stuff? Then get them a wrecking bar!


If your significant other is serious about doing house work that involves wrecking or currently has a job that implies wrecking stuff, then this tool is definitely a must have for your significant other. Also, you can find flexible options when it comes to money; one of these is a Hart 42 inch wrecking bar. What could be better than a very useful affordable gift?

A Southwire all-purpose side cutting plier


This is a perfect gift if you are looking for a tool that has many functions in one tool. This one is especially great since it has six functions in one tool this is a hand tool from Southwire that even won a PTIA award for being so functional so you if you didn’t realize this already, your significant other will be pretty excited about this tool as a gift.

Electric air inflator


This tool is so useful it can even help you in generating money. Think about it. You can start out an inflatable bed business. You can offer inflatable beds for rent and guess what? These beds need to be inflated so you can see you this tool can help you generate money. Kobalt has a 120 volt electric air inflator that works out perfect for your inflatable bed business.

Whatever gift you get your significant other, you can be sure they will like it since it is the intention that counts. Also, if your significant other still needs some tools that are out of your budget, then you can always resort to tool rental.


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