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Protect your valuable virtual information, a Seedbox is the how!

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Working on your data

A Seedbox, yes! Let’s protect our information! If we are in the follow of the latest trends in life and societies, then it is normal for us to trust in online platforms to set our life information on.

If so, the protection we can give to our virtual and online information is never enough when it is for us important and vital to keep it in safe areas as our financial, educational, familiar and many other contexts can depend on it.

A dedicated server at your service

That is why a Seedbox would be for you. In this dedicated server that provides its user a high speed working as a datacenter there is a lot of elements that can be found in order to protect, manage, share, and store our information.

You are then provided with a public IP address that gives you the chance of downloading and seeding bittorrent files easily and on a reliable frame.

A Seedbox would also allow its user access an OpenVPN as well. This as beneficial as it can be, gives a chance to “seed” on one with no restriction on where it is been done from.

Seedboxes also allow the host level.

When users easily host on their own they can have a Plex movies/tv/music server too, and if that was not enough, Seedboxes provide the possibility of getting whatever disk space the Seedbox itself has on top of what it is linked to at home or office. All of these characteristics would make a Seedbox a good route to walk on.

Walk on safe bits

What are you provided with upon the use of a Seedbox? Well, anyone who happens to define a Seedbox as a working platform and have access to it will be able to download the files at any time and anywhere to their personal computers.

This whole system the best way to handle important information that a person owns, simply with regular internet connection a person has the possibility of mobility that the internet offers and with the security tools that a Seedbox constitutes.


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